Current Job Openings

Front End Developer

Parsimony ERP needs world class developers.

Our unique and customized ecommerce focused ERP solution is built on with a core of ERPNext made with Python and Frappe (A full-stack web-app framework).
Technologies used:
  1. Python
  2. Javascript
  4. MariaDB
  5. NodeJS
  6. Redis
  7. Ansible
We want you to:
  1. Work on important projects on our development roadmap
  2. Help us fix important customer issues
  3. Support our cloud hosting infrastructure
  4. Build plugins and connectors to various other apps like ClickFunnels, MailChimp, Payment Gateways etc.
  5. You will help track and identify issues and escalate those to the leadership team to be sure that our development team has a voice in the ongoing development of the software to give our customers the best service and experience they have ever had.
  6. You will be relentless in your service attitude towards customers and we will reward awesomeness and recognize those who live by our values.
  7. Help develop and maintain the FAQs for internal and external users.
  8. Help develop training materials which include written, audio and video communications including screen shares with examples for customers.
  9. Your written and spoken English must be excellent.
  10. This is a work from home position. You are required to have a computer and stable internet connection of your own. 
Our philosophy: We believe in empowering entrepreneurs on a global scale. Parsimony ERP is designed to put the systemic control in the hands of the business owners and their team. This ability to have the system run the business and the people run the system is a key to scaling a fast growth e-commerce company. We're doing more; with less.
Our Values:

Our Founder: If you would like to learn more about our founder Steve Simonson goto one of his many websites like,,, and there are more as well.

ERP Implementation Specialist

ERP Implementation Specialist - Full-time Contract to start

Parsimony is a cloud-based ERP software that focuses on small to medium-sized E-Commerce companies and in particular those that are focused on the Amazon FBA and other marketplaces.

We are looking for a few people to help our customers successfully implement the software in their business.

Key Responsibilities:

• Conduct an initial interview with the client and run a kick-off meeting with the team that will be responsible for a successful project. Set deadlines and milestones for measuring progress.

• Complete the initial configuration of the Parsimony ERP system including company information, employee information, key suppliers and contractors, product detail

• Review existing Chart of Accounts in legacy customer system and map migration to the new chart of accounts in the Parsimony cloud-based SAAS ERP system.

• Plan, Design, and test automated workflows for customer implementations.

• Assign user roles and responsibilities to all in-house and contracted parties.

• Assist and confirm the entry of credentials for various connectors to 3rd parties like banking, accounting, e-commerce, marketing, and other key systems.

• Manage the migration of all historical information into the system.

• Conduct a series of tests to confirm that all new incoming data is being correctly classed, stored and that all reports are working.

• Monitor the implementation for 3 months to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Successful candidates for this position will have the following characteristics:

• #1 - Take care of the customer. You will be totally responsible to do everything you can to have this implementation be successful. This will require you to be smart, creative, happy, patient, honest, curious, persistent, organized, and resilient.

• Great Accounting Skills: Unlike ERP implementations at larger companies, most of our clients will be doing very similar activities in their everyday business. Instead of emphasizing the customization of the software and writing custom modules, we will be focused on properly storing the information that we are getting from the e-commerce marketplaces and making sure we are generating accurate financial reports.

• Project Management Skills: We expect that you will be managing multiple implementations at all times. Keeping track of each project’s milestones and next-steps will be critical to success. You will have many open-issues at any one time and you must be able to keep every project moving forward. Getting work done through others will be a necessary skill.

• Technical Knowledge: You should have above-average knowledge of accounting/EPR and cloud-based systems. We will have a team behind you, but understanding how cloud-based systems connect to each other, verify their identities, collect, store, and display information will be a big help. We ARE going to have problems and systems that break. Your ability to diagnose the central issue and suggest solutions will be very important.

• Excellent Communication Abilities: You will be using Skype, GoToMeeting, and eMail extensively. Being able to communicate verbally and in writing is also a necessary skill.

• Excellent Teaching Abilities: Being able to communicate online and teach essential skills to customers to they can be self service customers through online videos, skype, and in writing is also a vital skill.

• People Person with Accounting Chops: The best candidates will find satisfaction in delighting customers. Because customers are less experienced or interested in finance and accounting your role is to advocate on their behalf proper system use to help grow their businesses long term.

WHY are we doing this?

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs' lives. We do that by bringing enterprise-level technology to small and medium-sized businesses backed by world-class customer care.

Some entrepreneurs view software as a necessary evil.

We want our experience to be something that thrills and delights the customer.

We want customers to love our software instead of hating to have the software.

We want our customers to love our team because we are at the service of every customer to make their lives better.

We believe you can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.

We are changing the world. Will you join us?