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Once your business takes off you quickly realize that you need systems to keep track of everything. Is the store up and running? Are products priced right? Do we have enough inventory? And most critically, Are we making money?

The answer to each question seems to be another spreadsheet or a $29/month web site (or a $199/month web site!). The number of spreadsheets and subscriptions continue to pile up and while each one answers a question, the overall result is one of confusion and inconsistency. Different systems are answering different questions with different inputs and the company ends up with multiple answers to questions like "What does this product cost?".

Smart business people focus on Strategy, Systems, and Scale.

  • Strategy, so that there is a PLAN about where the company wants to go and how they will work to get there.

  • Systems so that there is greater accuracy, consistency, and less labor required.

  • And Scale so that the People can run the Systems and the Systems can run the business.

When all of that is put into a single, master system, it is called Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP for short). All the huge companies and multi-nationals run an ERP as their Business Operating System. It is literally the System that their Business Operates on.

And it can cost a ton of money. Small companies (~$20M/annual sales) often pay $100,000 per year in licenses and another $100,000 to set up and implement the system. Big companies regularly pay millions to tens of millions.

Young, fast growing companies are in a tough spot. They have outgrown Quickbooks, Xero, and Tally, but it doesn't make sense to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on traditional ERP systems.

powered by ERPNext

Enter Parsimony

Parsimony is powered by ERPNext which is an open-source ERP system that has been in use and consistently upgraded for over 10 years. By partnering with ERPNext we are able to offer a top-tier ERP system at a price that small to medium-sized businesses can afford. And by partnering with Empowery, the ecommerce cooperative, we are able to offer substantial tools, reports, and insights that provide overwhelming value to marketplace sellers.

We recognize that switching systems in an operating business is never easy and for many, embracing a full-ERP system is a stretch for their current team and resources. So we have produced three intermediate steps that let you consolidate some of your systems while learning how Parsimony works and still getting great information that can immediately help your business.

Best for Free tools and a test-drive of Parsimony More tools but without committing to accounting Complete ERP platform customized for E-commerce SOPs Only. No MWS needed
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Archive & Alert
ASIN Monitoring 8/day 5day/week Hourly 24/7 Hourly 24/7 Unlimited
Alert Methods Email & Slack Email, Slack, SMS, Telegram Email, Slack, SMS, Telegram
Full-Page PNG Storage 90-day rolling Unlimited Unlimited
Project Management
Projects and Tasks
ToDo and Calendar

Ecommerce Integrations


Amazon FBM





Multi Currency

Consolidated Reports

Bank Import & Reconciliation

Purchase Orders, Landed Costs Quality Inspect

Easy Exit #NoHostages
Implementation $0 $0 Get Quote $0
Price Free Forever $59 / up to 50 ASINs
$129 / up to 150 ASINs
Invitation Only $99/mo
Empowery Eligibility N/A Yes: 20% Discount Yes: 20% Discount + Cashback Yes: 20% Discount
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