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Just need free tools: We get it. Sometimes you’re facing a bunch of expensive problems and you just want a good/fast/cheap solution.

ParsimonyFREE comes with ~Alerts and Archives~ for up to 5 ASINs. It also includes ~SOPbox~ with a starter set of SOPs and the freedom to add as many of you own as you want.

Try before Buy: Welcome! If your interest goes deeper, ParsimonyFREE also includes a ~Dashboard~ with key metrics, simple ~Project Management~, ~ToDos~, and ~Inventory~ insights. And, you can add your entire team at no charge. This gives you a feel for the benefits of a unified system with a single source of truth.

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Archives & Alerts

Alerts: 8 times a day, 5 days a week, we monitor up to 5 ASINS for any changes on 8+ elements on the Product page. You can set as many alerts as you want and have them sent via email or Slack.

Reviews: Every night we pull all reviews for a parent ASIN and store them in your database. You can set alerts for New, Modified, Missing, Good or Bad reviews.

Archives: Every night, we take a full page PNG image of the Product page AND page one of the Reviews. This gives you an archive of what the product looked like and what reviews were present on a daily basis. Note: we only keep a rolling 90 day archive. But you are free to download the images before they expire.

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SOPbox BasicPack

SOPbox by Parsimony is simply the best and easiest way to help your team to follow best practices on their daily and occasional tasks. PasrimonyFREE includes a starter set of SOPs that cover the basics of Parsimony, SellerCentral, Google Docs and more.

Use the SOPbox browser extension to keep SOPs with you every step of the way from SellerCentral to Google Docs to Quickbooks online.

Write your own SOPs: SOPbox includes SOPs on how to write SOPs! So you can add all of the processes that make your company successful and store them securely in your own private database.


ParsimonyFREE - Its Free Forever.

Summary of Key Benefits: With Alerts & Archives, you get powerful features that keep you on top of your Amazon business. And with SOPbox, you can do something about it! Use SOPbox to instruct your team on how to handle alerts, everyday tasks, and anything else you want to add.


ParsimonyFREE comes complete with:

  • Alerts and Archives for up to 5 ASINs (US/MX/CA/BR only)
  • SOPbox by Parsimony: BasicPack of SOPs and links to Chrome, Safari, and Firefox versions of the browser extension.
  • Dashboard for key metrics and Inventory insights.
  • Project Management / ToDo / Calendar: for tasks and events.
satisfaction guaranteed. #noHostages

Pricing / Terms:

ParsimonyFREE is free forever. However, it is limited to 5 ASINS and the images of web pages are only stored for 90 days. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

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