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We know that new systems can involve a leap of faith.
With ParimonyFREE, you can cut that leap down to a simple step.

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ParsimonyFREE is a great place to start using our system. You supply us with your MWS credentials, we pull all of your items and give you an easy grid to select up to 5 items that you want to track.

When you get started with ParsimonyFREE, you are also beginning to collect valuable data and learning to manage information in a unified system.

ParsimonyFREE is just a small portion of the true power of Parsimony, but it does give you a place to get started and get used to thinking about the systems that run your business.

At NO CHARGE, you will get:

every 60 minutes, 7am to 7pm

Critical Captures

Every hour, we capture and store:

Top Box: Product Title, Price, BuyBox, Image Name, Primary Breadcrumb Path, Average Star Rating

Review Box: Author, Review Title, Star Rating, Date, Review text, Verified Purchase Flag, Number of People Who Found It Helpful

Additional Information: Best Seller Badge, Amazon Choice, Other Sellers on Listing, and BSRs

Every night, we capture and store PNG Image of entire item page, page one of Reviews, and Raw HTML file of entire item page.

be the first to know.

Actionable Alerts

Email Alert: We scan up to 5 items (ASINs) every hour and store the results in your database. If one of the elements you select has changed, we send an email with the Item and what changed.

Multiple Users: You don’t have to be the only one to get the alerts. Feel free to add email addresses for others that need to know.

Selectable Criteria: We make it easy to control which elements are worth an alert. There might be some that you want to track, but don´t necessarily need an alert for.

Slack Notifications: Is your team on Slack? We make it easy to route notifications there so your team can seem them in a window they are already using.

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