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We know that new systems can involve a leap of faith.
With ParimonyFREE, you can cut that leap down to a simple step.

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Just provide us with a credit card (so that we know you are not a bot)
and we will set up an instance of Parsimony and give you Seven tools that let you feel the "Power of Parsimony".

At NO CHARGE, you will get:

every 30 minutes, 24 x 7

Critical Captures

Every 30 minutes, we capture and store:

Top Box: Product Title, Price, Prime, BuyBox, Image Name, Primary Breadcrumb Path, Average Star Rating

Review Box: Author, Review Title, Star Rating, Date, Review text, Verified Purchase Flag, Number of People Who Found It Helpful

Additional Information: Best Seller Badge, Amazon Choice, Other Sellers on Listing, BSRs For 3 Categories

Every night, we capture and store PNG Image of entire item page and Raw HTML file of entire item page.

see it. act on it.

Visual Dashboard

Interactive Charts: View any item's Average Star Rating, BuyBox, Price and more over a 7, 14, 30, or 180 day window.

Heatmap of Review Activity: Visually track the number of reviews that are added OR DELETED on a daily basis. Green indicates above average Reviews being added and Red indicates Review drops.

Calendar View of Webpage Captures: Quickly see if you have a full webpage capture image and raw html for the item as it was displayed on Amazon.

Powerlog Views: Multiple views and reports let you easily review the history of all elements in sortable data-tables.

you’re in control

Notification Control

We track all 20+ elements, but YOU choose which ones are set to "Alert" status.

You can even set up a "Do Not Disturb" period.

SMS Alerts available. You can purchase blocks of SMS alerts in blocks of 50 for less than a cup of coffee. (Coming Soon)

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