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ParsimonyFOCUS is where you can immediately begin to solve the most important issues in your business.

Every business has questions. Which one is most important to you?

ParsimonyFOCUS let’s you choose one solution at an incredible price and build a solid solution. This gets you firmly into an ERP environment without having to commit to a full integration.

You get an answer to a problem you have been struggling with and at the same time you are learning how to get your organization working on an enterprise platform that will position your company for success.

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cash flow is everything!

Forecast Sales and Purchases

Understand Seasonality by week: We use MWS to pull up to three years of each item’s order history. Then we break it down by week and highlight specific selling periods.

Multiple Forecast Trends: There are multiple ways to forecast future growth. We present several options and let you choose which one fits your business goals best.

Cash Forecasting: We look at when you can expect sales and how long the interval is between order and receipt of goods. That information lets you see what, when, and how many items to order.

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what is your true product cost?

TrueSKU Landed Product Cost

Bi-lingual Purchase Orders: Many contracts are not binding in China. But if you use our template and include an accurate translation in Mandarin, you can make a legal contract.

Capture all relevant costs: Your true product cost is much more than the price on your purchase order. To get to the true cost, you need to include inspections, tariffs, freight, drayage, and all other costs related to getting the product into your warehouse, 3PL, or distribution center.

Intelligent Allocation: Some costs need to be spread out. For instance, a ocean container with some small but heavy items along with numerous light and large items requires an allocation that properly spreads the costs across the items.

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so much money. which half works?

TrueSKU All-In Marketing Costs

Collect all costs: Using the APIs at Amazon, Facebook, Google and others, we collect and consolidate the spending on all campaigns into one database that understands your reporting periods.

Direct & Indirect Allocation: Some campaign costs are easy to allocate to a specific item. But what about the general terms and the brand support costs. We help you to assign these costs according to methods that reflect your goals and drivers of your marketing strategy.

TrueSKU Profitability: Some marketplace sellers tell us that they spend more on Marketing than COGS. In every case, it is important to understand the true profitability of your sales, campaigns, promotions and marketing programs.

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secret to success is diversification!

Manage Multiple Marketplaces

Amazon International: Amazon continues to expand into other countries. And each country can require its own pricing, copy, images, and strategies. Parsimony leverages a single database, but provides a unique presence in each marketplace.

Wal*Mart / Jet: There is a battle brewing between the titans of retail. With Parsimony you can make understand your performance in each one.

Shopify: Many marketplace sellers are finding success with a Shopify store under their own domain. But incorporating that information into the overall business is tedious. With a Shopify connector you can easily pull in all of the orders as well as toggle items off when inventories are low.

Per Module Pricing:
Tier 1: 1 to 1,000 orders/month. $79 /month
Tier 2: 1,001 to 5,000 orders/month. $199 /month
Tier 3: 5,001 to 10,000 orders/month. $249 /month
Tier 4: 10,001 to 20,000 orders/month. $499 /month
Tier 4: 20,001 orders/month and up. $699 /month

All Tiers have a set-up fee.

Empowery members save 20% and Silver+ get monthly Cashback.

Charges are billed monthly prior to use.

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