Parsimony FIRST

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Take the FIRST Steps towards building a Single-System
Solid-Foundation for your eCommerce business.

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ParsimonyFIRST is where you can take the first steps to systematize your business.

It all starts with knowing what’s happening in your business. Are your items online? Do you still have the BuyBox? How are your Reviews? These are the key elements to monitor in real-time and take action on as soon as possible.

The process continues with archiving data and web page captures to give you the visual proof of what was on your page on any date your select.

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Unlimited SKUs & Storage

Unlimited SKUs: We use MWS to access your account and pull a list of items. Then we automatically start to archive the data and send you alerts on the ones that matter to you.

L-o-n-g Term Storage: You never know when you will want to go back and look at what your item page looked like. With ParsimonyFIRST, just pick the date and you can go right to a snapshot taken that day. And we store them for no extra change for as long as you have an active account with us.

Full Item Pages & Review Page 1 in Hi-Res: Every night we capture each item’s web page in a high resolution PNG image. You can zoom in and have perfect clarity of what the page looked like. AND we do the same with Page 1 of each item’s Reviews.

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SMS & Selectable Alerts

SMS: Get a brief but informative message that tells you which item and which elements changed. And with SMS you can get it on your phone, watch or desktop as soon as it happens wherever you are.

100/month: We buy alerts in bulk so we can make lots of them available at an incredible price. Every account gets at least 100 alerts per month at no additional charge.

Selectable: We make it easy to control which elements are worth an alert. There might be some that you want to track, but don’t necessarily need an alert for.

Do Not Disturb: Maybe the secret to your success is a good night's sleep. Undisturbed. No problem! You can set regular hours when we will hold any alert and not break into your quiet time.

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