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We did our homework and we know that there are two major pain points in running an e-commerce business:

Inventory Management: Learn, when to buy and how to buy.
Item Profitability: Learn what is your true landed cost and what is the best reutrn on your capital.
With ParsimonyFIRST, you get groundbreaking insights into both of these critical issues.
Getting Started is easy. Access to your SellerCentral account through the MWS API plus all of the features in ParsimonyFREE will get you there.
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Inventory Management

It is never easy to predict the future, but with the help of powerful quantitative tools and the anonymized history of other products, it is possible to find the patterns in new product introductions, seasonal cycles, and the different promotional periods.
ParsimonyFIRST will track your total inventory quantities through the supply chain, including marketplace warehouses going back as much as 3 years. Then we can determine its own seasonality and compare it to other products in its category, price point and life-cycle stage.
true sku

Item Profitability

Understanding the true landed costs of your products starts by completely and accurately collecting and attributing all of the costs related to each and every SKU in your product offering. ParsimonyFIRST makes it easy to collect invoices from manufacturers, freight brokers, customs officials, trucking companies, testing labs, and everyone else in your supply chain. Then we show you how to allocate those costs to your products so that each one carries the proper burden.
Now you know your true landed product cost and can make decisions about where to invest your precious capital on your next inventory purchase.
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True Sku Quantites and Costs

ParsimonyFIRST give you the ability to truly understand what your product costs you, when and how often it sells, and that let's you make smarter forecasts for purchases. Now you are able to maximize your capital investments and get the highest possible returns.
You are on your way to building a fast-growing and financially sustainable business.
... and when you are ready you can step up to ParsimonyERP for a total turnkey system that runs your entire operation including Financials, CRM, Project Management and more.
Pricing: ParsimonyFIRST is priced based on the number of orders that are processed each month. There are three pricing tiers:
Tier 1: 1 to 1,000 orders/month. $59 /month
Tier 2: 1,001 to 5,000 orders/month. $199 /month
Tier 3: 5,001 to 10,000 orders/month. $249 /month
Tier 3: 10,001 to 20,000 orders/month. $499 /month
Tier 3: 20,001 orders/month and up. $699 /month
All Tiers have a $55 set-up fee.
Empowery members get a 20% "Beat the Street" discount + monthly Cashback bonus where applicable.
Charges are billed monthly prior to use.