Parsimony ERP needs world class developers.

Our unique and customized ecommerce focused ERP solution is built on with a core of ERPNext made with Python and Frappe (A full-stack web-app framework).
Technologies used:
  1. Python
  2. Javascript
  4. MariaDB
  5. NodeJS
  6. Redis
  7. Ansible
We want you to:
  1. Work on important projects on our development roadmap
  2. Help us fix important customer issues
  3. Support our cloud hosting infrastructure
  4. Build plugins and connectors to various other apps like ClickFunnels, MailChimp, Payment Gateways etc.
  5. You will help track and identify issues and escalate those to the leadership team to be sure that our development team has a voice in the ongoing development of the software to give our customers the best service and experience they have ever had.
  6. You will be relentless in your service attitude towards customers and we will reward awesomeness and recognize those who live by our values.
  7. Help develop and maintain the FAQs for internal and external users.
  8. Help develop training materials which include written, audio and video communications including screen shares with examples for customers.
  9. Your written and spoken English must be excellent.
  10. This is a work from home position. You are required to have a computer and stable internet connection of your own. 
Our philosophy: We believe in empowering entrepreneurs on a global scale. Parsimony ERP is designed to put the systemic control in the hands of the business owners and their team. This ability to have the system run the business and the people run the system is a key to scaling a fast growth e-commerce company. We're doing more; with less.
Our Values:

Our Founder: If you would like to learn more about our founder Steve Simonson goto one of his many websites like,,, and there are more as well.

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